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Tiny House
A tiny house has become a huge trend. In response to overconsumption and house prices, tiny houses are on the rise. Building a tiny house gives you the financial freedom to make additional investments. Turn your prefab tiny house into a vacation home, garden office, or living space in the garden. With less cost of living, you can work less and create more freedom. We deliver wooden houses everywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium under favorable Thuiswinkel service guarantees. Looking for something bigger? Then also check out our wooden house construction kits.

Which tiny house is right for you?

Looking for space where you can live with a whole family? Or have the kids moved out on their own in the meantime and you two don’t want to worry about a big house and do fun things instead of cleaning? Or are you a starter on the market and can’t find a friendly-priced apartment to rent? All you need to live in a tiny house is a piece of land and permission to build on it from the relevant municipality.
The tiny houses are available in different sizes and with multiple rooms. If your preference is for a tiny house on wheels, you can check them out under the category of gypsy caravans. The advantage of a gypsy wagon: one does not need to apply for a permit in most cases, because it is on wheels and movable!
A tiny house as we offer it here is, in fact, a log cabin and can also be used very well as a bed & breakfast accommodation. You can quickly create luxurious accommodation for your guests on your campsite or in your garden and it is even possible to set up a complete vacation park with the various models. When you have this in mind, please contact the team of Gadero by mail or phone. With such a purchase we will gladly support you where possible!

What is a tiny house?

A tiny house can take different forms. There are tiny houses with a single room where all activities take place from cooking to sleeping. If it is allowed to be a little more comfortable, because it is used as a care home, for example, you can choose a log cabin with 2 rooms, so you can set up a shower, kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

What is important to know before buying a tiny house?

Thanks to the tiny house movement, we’ve been reminded that living small isn’t so crazy at all. It started as a counter-movement, when houses became bigger and bigger, mortgage rates rose and house prices skyrocketed. The costs per month were barely affordable on a normal income. It got many people thinking about whether so much space is necessary and whether we need all the stuff in the house.
Before you go ahead and buy a tiny house, it is wise to gather more information for yourself about the aspects you need to consider and have some questions answered in advance.

What type of wood is a tiny house made of?

Gadero’s tiny houses are all made of untreated spruce wood. Whitewood must always be treated with a protective agent. You can choose to impregnate your tiny house. Impregnation protects the wood against fungi and other wood-destroying processes. However, impregnation has no moisture-regulating effect and does not provide wind and watertight seal on the walls and corners. Impregnating your tiny house alone is therefore insufficient to enjoy your garden house for a long time.
Gadero has had very good experiences with Embalan/Embadecor paint for many years. This brand is a very heavy quality stain in multiple transparent and opaque colors. The transparent colors let the veins of the wood beautifully stand out. The opaque types give your tiny house log cabin a beautiful sleek look.

What wood thickness should a tiny house have?

Of course, you want to use a tiny house as a place to live all year round. Therefore Gadero advises you to choose a log cabin with thick walls. We recommend a minimum thickness of 40 mm.
Wood from a thickness of 70mm has a natural insulating effect. These summerhouses are also supplied with double glazing/insulation glass so that only the floor and the roof need to be insulated for a pleasant living environment in your tiny house. In some cases, everything has already been prepared to simplify the insulation.

Which entrance fits your tiny house?

What could be more fun than enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning sun on the porch in front of your own tiny house? Or is a roof sufficient? Or do you prefer not to have an indoor roof at the front door? There are several models with different entrances, so something for everyone!

What extras are possible with a tiny house?

A second floor? Possible! Including wooden stairs? Yes, it is! A veranda? Possible! 3 bedrooms? Also possible! WC and shower in two separate rooms? Possible! As few rooms as possible where cooking, sleeping, and living are required? You can also make your tiny house mobile by building it on a trailer with a tow bar.
You have an extensive choice when it comes to the extra options. Simply think about how you want to organize your life in advance and tailor your tiny house accordingly.

What color is best for a tiny house?

That, of course, is up to you! It is important to take into account the surroundings and the result you have in mind. Do you want your tiny house to stand out or to blend in with its surroundings? In which neighborhood should your tiny house be located? Are there any rules imposed by the building regulations committee within which a choice must be made? What is the color of other buildings in the neighborhood? Or do you have a lovely spot in the greenery? Would you like to use one or more colors for the paintwork?
Gadero only sells high-quality products. Therefore we recommend you choose from the colors of Embalan and Embadecor stain to treat your log cabin. Treating your tiny house first with primer (during or before construction) and then painting in a color (2-3 layers) is the best treatment for your garden shed, even better than impregnation.
Do you still have questions? For advice, please feel free to contact us. And when you have made your decision, you can easily order your tiny house in the online shop of Gadero!
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